Part of the fun of playing violin and viola is getting to share the beauty of music with others. I plan bi-annual recitals so my students have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. Recitals are a great place for growth. Students learn how to compose themselves in front of a live audience, plan ahead and think quick on their feet.

Recitals are also a place of inspiration where younger students glean from more advanced students. The older students are given opportunities to become leaders at recitals. And there is nothing more motivating for practice than knowing there is a performance coming up!

Recitals are just the tip of the ice-berg. I like to provide as many other opportunities for my students to play as I can. My studio has performed at the Britt Children’s Festival in Jacksonville, the 4th of July Parades in Ashland and Central Point and many other venues.

I’ve even had the opportunity to take my students fiddle contests, the Music Educators National Conference (Santa Barbara) and even to Carnegie Hall.

If you’d like to set out on your way to performance fame:
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